With enterprise-grade capabilities scaled for small teams and large businesses alike, GoTo enables accessing robust VoIP, conferencing, and IT support without the typical complexity. Between its reliability, straightforward pricing, seamless integrations, built-in call management features, and intuitive apps, GoTo provides exceptional value as a turnkey cloud phone system. For full-featured communication tools, collaboration tools, and even remote access and device support, GoTo is a great choice.



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Pros & Cons


  • All-in-one communication platform
  • Drag-and-drop call flow editor
  • Low international calling rates
  • Free calling to 50 countries
  • Set up rooms in 15 minutes
  • 100+ features
  • Great for customer engagement
  • Enterprise-grade security for meetings
  • Over 700,000 annual trainings with over 3 million annual attendees
  • Powerful remote-access tools
  • Free 14-day trials for some plans


  • Slow and unresponsive at times
  • Video quality issues due to poor connectivity
  • Non-intuitive UI
  • Free trials only for certain plans

GoTo Overview—Contact Center and IT Focused

GoTo is a leading provider of cloud-based communications and IT management solutions tailored for small and midsize businesses.

GoTo offers a suite of products including GoTo Connect for unified communications, GoTo Meeting for reliable video conferencing, GoTo Webinar for engaging virtual events, GoTo Training for interactive online learning, and GoTo Resolve for streamlined IT support and access. These tools help distributed teams communicate, collaborate, train staff, and manage devices seamlessly from anywhere. Core capabilities across the platforms include screen sharing, cloud recording, intelligent call routing, remote systems access, and more.

With an intuitive approach optimized for usability, GoTo enables businesses to modernize operations without high costs and complexity. Over 30 million users globally trust tools like GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, and Rescue, in addition to the GoTo-branded products. The company prides itself on 99.9% guaranteed uptime across its solutions.

For growing SMBs seeking enterprise-grade functionality adapted to their budget, GoTo delivers communication, collaboration, and support innovation in a simplified package.

Plans & Pricing

GoTo offers flexible plans and pricing tailored to teams of all sizes.

For unified communications, GoTo Connect provides a complete business phone system starting at $29 per user monthly for the Basic plan if you have just one user. It scales down to $22 per user for 11-20 users and includes chat, video conferencing for up to 150 participants, basic integrations, and 40 SMS credits per seat monthly.

The Standard plan adds more customizability and secure voice, video meetings, and chat. It starts at $39 per user monthly for one user and goes down to $22 per user for more than 100 users. You get unlimited users, call queues, video meetings for up to 250 participants, premium integrations, and 80 SMS credits per seat monthly. Additional phone numbers cost $5 per month.

GoTo Connect pricing and plans

You can also add-on GoTo Contact Center and advanced Customer Engagement to boost customer service and outreach capabilities. For those teams making international calls, it offers low international calling rates, and you can even call 50 selected countries for free.

For video conferences, GoTo Meeting starts at $12 per organizer monthly for 150 participants. The $16 Business tier supports 250 participants and unlocks transcription, cloud recording, and note taking. The Enterprise plan enables further customization and includes a customer success manager.

GoTo Meeting plans

Hosting webinars is easy with GoTo Webinar, which scales from $49 to $399 monthly based on attendees. Lite supports 250 attendees, while Enterprise accommodates up to 3,000 participants with expanded branding and channel options.

GoTo Webinar pricing

For training and education, GoTo Training starts at $109 monthly for 25 attendees and grows to $314 monthly for up to 200 participants. The built-in course catalogs, polling, and breakout collaboration capabilities help improve learner completion rates.

GoTo Training plans

GoTo also offers purpose-built GoTo Rooms, with a Monthly Flex financing option or you can buy the equipment outright. The bundles reliably power your physical conference spaces and rooms.

On the IT support side, GoTo Resolve starts free for five devices. The next tier, the Standard plan, grows to 25 devices at $57 monthly for full remote access, monitoring, help desk, and automation—critical for managing your distributed tech. This tier comes with a 14-day free trial. The GoTo Resolve Premium plan support 100 devices and is for established teams that use RMM and proactive IT management and support.

GoTo also offers Remote Support for those SMBs with an ad-hoc remote session and ticketing setup. At $40 per month it provides unlimited remote support, a help desk, and more.

GoTo Resolve pricing plans

For dedicated remote support, GoTo Rescue is $108.25 monthly and provides remote troubleshooting for IT and customer service teams. The Mobile Support add-on is an additional $37.50 per month. GoTo Rescue also has a Live Lens plan for video-based support—custom pricing is required.

For accessing devices remotely, GoToMyPC comes in Personal at $35 per device monthly, Pro at $33 for teams, and Corporate at $28 per computer monthly for advanced controls and centralized billing.

LogMeIn Central enables easy large-scale remote management, with a minimum 25 devices starting at $80 monthly. For an extra monthly fee, you can add security, automation, and analytics add-ons as needed.

Individuals can also use LogMeIn Pro for remote access starting at $30 monthly for up to two computers. It scales up to the Small Business plan at $129 per month for access to up to 10 computers, for power users and small businesses.

The tiered plans and one-off solutions cater well to needs both small and large. Free trials let you test drive most software worry-free. GoTo posits transparent pricing and breadth of affordable tools for every requirement.

GoToMyPC plans

Ease of Use

GoTo tools enable connecting, collaborating, and accessing devices from anywhere. With intuitive interfaces and simplified workflows, GoTo makes it easy to manage remote teams, boost IT operations, and support a distributed business.

One of GoTo’s biggest strengths is enabling true omnichannel access. Whether you’re at your desk, traveling, or home, you can make calls, join meetings, manage tickets, and monitor devices through GoTo’s desktop and mobile apps—regularly switch between laptop and phone to stay productive on the move.

For launching new locations, GoTo delivers on its guarantee to have conference rooms up and running in 15 minutes.

The bundles simplify video integration in physical spaces. For user onboarding, GoTo’s admin portal, unified dashboards, and automated triggers remove friction.

GoTo Connect provides a unified command center for calls, meetings, and messaging. Clever tools like call forwarding, text alerts, and voicemail keep you connected when out of office. The mobile experience feels as robust as the desktop.

With GoTo Resolve, you can manage tickets and system issues seamlessly thanks to the intuitive help desk and remote access. Whether working in-office or not, teams resolve tech problems quickly.

GoTo Meeting offers one-click web conferencing to instantly collaborate with clients and colleagues. Its consistency across devices enables productive sessions on your schedule.

For major virtual events, GoTo Webinar helps engage audiences with interactive tools like live polling, Q&A, and multi-day scheduling. From start to finish, it simplifies web events.

The ability to access files, applications, and networks as though sitting at your office desk makes GoToMyPC and LogMeIn invaluable. With GoTo’s reliable remote desktop access, location never limits productivity.

GoTo streamlines communication and IT workflows for dispersed teams to work from anywhere without complexity slowing them down.

It is easy to use because you can communicate from anywhere

Call Management Features

From intelligent call routing to detailed analytics, GoTo equips teams with enterprise-grade capabilities scaled for SMBs.

GoTo Connect’s drag-and-drop Dial Plan Editor makes configuring call routing simple. With it, you can effortlessly set up rules, menus, and triggers to handle call volume based on time of day, department, and other factors.

With the advanced call analytics, you can measure performance at different touchpoints to improve customer satisfaction. The system even suggests optimizations based on the data.

Onboarding new locations is easy with GoTo Connect—quickly add toll-free numbers or port existing ones to the system and implement company-wide call directories for employee extensions. Unlimited lines adapt to business growth.

For customer engagement, GoTo Contact Center helps manage interactions for optimal results.

Callers easily route to the right agents or opt for callbacks during high volume. Pre-recorded voicemails trigger automatically as needed.

Built-in call management tools like hold music, transferring, monitoring, and filtering calls enable personalized experiences. You and your team can also switch seamlessly between voice, video, chat, and SMS as needed.

For distributed teams, call forwarding, group chat, and one-click meeting launch keep everyone aligned. Conversations stay unified when handling customer issues as a group.

On the IT side, GoTo Resolve empowers managers to monitor devices remotely and automate routine tasks. The no-code policies ensure systems run smoothly without disrupting workers. It’s invaluable for decentralized tech.

For end users, the flexible help desk portal makes submitting tickets easy as sending a chat. The process happens entirely in one place, so users conveniently get support updates without changing systems.

Between tailored call flows, detailed analytics, and built-in management tools, GoTo Connect unlocks substantial call management for SMBs. And Resolve streamlines request management across decentralized IT infrastructure.

The Dial Plan Editor lets you build call flows

Communication Tools

With crystal-clear voice services, easy video meetings, and seamless messaging, GoTo provides the functionality growing businesses need to communicate at scale.

GoTo Connect covers all business communication needs with its VoIP phone system—instantly set up new numbers or port existing ones to the platform. Built-in VoIP conferencing enables scheduling calls in seconds. For more engaging collaboration, video meetings and screen sharing bring remote teams face-to-face.

GoTo Meeting, with its industry-leading 99.999% uptime, provides unwavering reliability for daily video conferences.

Its wealth of features, from customizable layouts to cloud recording, enhance any virtual gathering.

For customer support, GoTo’s cloud Contact Center environment empowers productivity anywhere—whether at home, in the office, or on-the-go. Shared chat channels and notes keep agents aligned across locations when assisting clients. The omnichannel approach simplifies communication.

With GoTo Connect Customer Engagement, boost relationships through SMS campaigns, unified conversation dashboards across channels, and customer surveys for quick feedback.

Tight integration between communication tools is invaluable.

Hosting major online events is straightforward with GoTo Webinar. Its interactive elements like polls and Q&A keep audiences attentive. Data analytics help track and improve performance, and integration with marketing software expands possibilities.

For employee training initiatives, GoTo Training increases completion rates through built-in testing and gated certificates. Learners must pass assessments to demonstrate comprehension. You can also set up options for payments, course materials, and pre-recorded sessions.

GoTo supplies the array of communication options a dispersed modern workforce requires—adaptable telephony, reliable video meetings, efficient contact centers, and engaging webinars—all in one easy-to-use platform.

GoTo Connect focuses on IT and communication solutions

Hardware Options

Though bringing your own devices is supported, GoTo offers high-quality hardware from leading brands to optimize cloud communications.

For those seeking new office phones, GoTo provides 17 desk phones and conference units from trusted manufacturers Cisco, Poly/Plantronics, and Yealink. With a range spanning $119 to $899, it offers enterprise-grade voice devices for every budget and need.

Cisco phones carry a premium price tag for their durability, HD voice quality, and robust feature sets. GoTo offers three Cisco models ranging from $515 up to $715 for the high-end 8861 with color display and gigabit ethernet. The price reflects their reputation for performance.

The Polycom/Plantronics lineup strikes a balance between affordability and business-grade quality. The five phones through GoTo fall between $179 and $479, providing crystal clear audio, multi-line capabilities, and productivity enhancements.

Yealink phones start at just $119 for the no-frills T40G. With options reaching $899, you’ll find workhorse business phones with HD voice, Bluetooth connectivity, multi-line support, and color displays without big price tags.

Beyond desk phones, GoTo sells a cordless phone from Yealink. For Small conference rooms, you can add the Yealink CP960 conference phone for $899 to amp up audio quality.

While bringing your own devices works just fine, GoTo’s hand-picked hardware collection can optimize performance. With robust choices across leading brands at varied price points, you can equip offices with reliable VoIP phones fitting needs and budgets.

GoTo has phone hardware to help your VoIP operation


From CRM platforms to collaboration tools, GoTo offers seamless integration to boost productivity.

For sales and support, native connectivity with leading CRM systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho simplifies call workflow automation.

Screen pops display customer records when calls come in to streamline interactions. Integration eliminates tedious manual entry of call logs as well.

You can sync GoTo with your collaboration platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, and Slack. Shared channels unite organizations with context from calls and meetings right in chat apps that you use constantly.

On the training side, integration with Docebo and other learning management systems helps track progress and performance from GoTo Training sessions—transfer learning data to analyze where trainees need improvement.

To keep everything in sync across the business, calendar integrations with Office 365, Google Calendar, and Calendly ensure call and meeting information automatically populates schedules.

Event details remain up-to-date across platforms.

While GoTo provides strong built-in capabilities, unlocking the platform’s full potential requires integration. Tapping into your existing software stack allows two-way flow of data and context to boost productivity beyond standalone usage. Syncing platforms is essential to streamline work—and GoTo makes it easy by connecting with the most popular business apps right out of the box.

Check out all of GoTo's integrations

Customer Support

While not perfect, GoTo provides helpful resources and responsive assistance to resolve problems quickly.

GoTo touts award-winning 24/7 support, and you can use its live chat feature when immediate guidance is needed. However, chat assistance has limited availability compared to phone and ticket-based support.

For self-help, GoTo’s website offers an extensive Resources section packed with documentation, training videos, an online community, and more.

When tackling a new capability or troubleshooting errors, rely on its manuals and DIY content to skill up.

In particular, GoTo’s searchable Support portal allows drilling into specific issues to find relevant help articles and tutorials. You can locate the exact content needed rather than sifting through irrelevant pages. The deep library helps diagnose and fix many problems independently.

However, contacting GoTo by phone remains necessary when documentation falls short. Simply call the number listed or submit a callback request online.

Seeking sales guidance? GoTo makes it easy to call a product expert directly to learn more about pricing, features, and what offering best fits your needs. No need for long waits navigating phone trees.

Overall, GoTo provides sufficient resources and responsive assistance via chat, documentation, phone, and tickets to resolve most hurdles or questions about its services—though reaching a live person can take some persistence. Its dedication to customer success ensures you don’t stay stuck for long.

GoTo boasts award-winning-24/7 customer support

Final Thoughts

Communication and IT support

  • VoIP system with built-in meetings and messaging
  • Contact center & customer engagement
  • IT management and support

GoTo remains a premier provider of cloud-based communication and IT support tools tailored to the needs of growing SMBs and remote workers. Between its affordable pricing tiers, deep feature sets for call, meeting, and messaging, and add-ons, it makes it easy to modernize your operations.

For teams seeking to enable dispersed collaboration, streamline device management, and boost customer engagement and communication, GoTo delivers turnkey solutions. Its unified communication suite, flexible remote access options, and focus on usability produce a frictionless workflow.

If you want to work seamlessly across locations without technical headaches, GoTo equips your business with enterprise-grade capabilities on an SMB budget.

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