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Zoom Review

Zoom Phone’s international calling add-on, flexible pay-as-you-go pricing, unlimited calling plans, consistent features no matter how much you pay, and seamless video conferencing make it the ideal solution for businesses operating across borders or in non-US countries.



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Pros & Cons


  • Great for non-US businesses
  • Unlimited calls to 19 countries
  • Chat, video, SMS, and phone
  • Option to pay as you go
  • Same features on every plan
  • Recording, distribution, and IVR
  • World-class video features
  • No contract required


  • Limited hardware options
  • Add-ons can get expensive
  • Only a few built-in integrations

Zoom Overview—World-Wide Coverage

Zoom Phone is an exceptional option for companies that operate internationally. With it, there are specialized plans for non-US businesses and you can (optionally) enjoy unlimited calling to 19 additional countries.

This makes it easy and affordable to connect with team members, partners, and customers around the world without racking up per-minute international fees.

There are also no contracts required, so you have the flexibility to pay month-to-month or opt for an annual agreement—either way, you’ll pay the same price so you don’t have to lock yourself into a long-term contract to save a few dollars.

Whether you’re a small startup expanding globally or a large enterprise with international offices, Zoom Phone provides the capabilities and flexibility required for effective worldwide communication and collaboration.

Plus, nearly every feature and communications tool, including video conferencing, chat, SMS messaging, and phone, are available on every plan.

So, you don’t have to sacrifice functionality because you’re on a tight budget.

Zoom Pricing

Zoom makes choosing the right phone plan for your business incredibly straightforward.

Its core features remain consistent across plans, so your main decision is whether you’d like to pay as you go, enjoy unlimited domestic calling, or have unlimited regional calling outside the U.S. and Canada.

The pay-as-you-go option is $10 per user per month—the price stays the same whether you pay monthly or annually, which is something none of the other provider’s we’ve looked at deliver.  

This plan provides unlimited Zoom-to-Zoom calling within your account and charges per-minute rates for outbound calls. It’s a great fit if most of your calls are internal or your users average 4 hours or less of external calls monthly.

For heavier outbound calling, the Unlimited US and Canada plan is likely your best bet at $15 monthly or $180 yearly per user.

If you’re outside the US or Canada, the Unlimited Global plan is good for you. For $20 per user per month, you’ll get unlimited regional calling without having to worry about paying per minute.

With both unlimited plans, you can add unlimited calls to 19 additional countries for an extra $120 per year.

Aside from the standard plans, Zoom Phone has worthwhile add-ons, including:

  • Additional phone numbers for $5 per month
  • Hardware leasing starting at $5.99 per month
  • Advanced call center analytics and tools for $300 per user per year
  • Workspace reservations
  • Premier developer support

Alternatively, you can get Zoom Phone with a Zoom One Business Plus or Enterprise plan, beginning at $250 per user annually. The flexibility of plans and useful addons ensure you can tailor Zoom Phone to fit your needs.

Ease of Use

With Zoom Phone, you’ll experience a refreshingly frictionless setup and user experience from start to finish. And because it’s fully hosted in the cloud, Zoom takes care of every bit of infrastructure, maintenance, and behind-the-scenes technical work required to keep your phone system running smoothly.

In fact, one of the biggest benefits of Zoom Phone is its exceptional ease of use.

For administrators, single sign-on authentication and user provisioning means your employees can be up and running with their own accounts in no time flat—all with no need to memorize complex login information or reset passwords.

From an administrative perspective, Zoom Phone practically configures itself.

The guided online setup gives everyone step-by-step instructions, complete with video tutorials, so your entire team will be up and running in no time. Zoom also offers preconfigured phones you can simply plug in and start using immediately with no technical expertise required.

For employees, Zoom Phone couldn’t be simpler to use on a daily basis. The desktop and mobile apps offer a clean, intuitive interface. Plus, key settings are preconfigured so your team can get to work right away.

Overall, Zoom Phone works the way you expect it to, allowing your employees to focus on calls and conversations instead of navigating confusing menus.

However, you can always tweak, customize, and personalize nearly every setting to suit your preferences.

While setup, administration, and basic daily use are as easy as it gets, there are a ton of features included in every single plan, which can feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t need every single feature right away. We recommend keeping things simple and only digging into advanced features when you need to.

Call Management Features

Zoom Phone equips you with a full suite of intelligent call management tools—all of which are included with every plan.

No matter how much you pay, your auto attendant is always there with customized menus to direct callers to the right department or person. Can’t take the call? You can easily send it to a shared voicemail box where artificial intelligence generates transcripts of your messages.

With advanced call distribution rules, calls are spread out evenly among agents or held in organized queues. Managers and supervisors can monitor live calls and coach agents in real-time with convenient barge, whisper and takeover functions.

Anyone can also quickly a third caller to any conversation for quick conferencing when needed.

With specialized routing for after hours, weekends, and holidays, you can route calls to the appropriate voicemail or employee with ease.

For the basics like parking, transfers, and forwarding, it’s as easy as it gets. Users can even easily transfer a call between desktop, smartphone, and conference room devices without the caller even knowing.

With Zoom Phone’s complete call management feature set included on all plans, you can optimize workflows, maintain availability, monitor staff, delight customers, and collaborate across devices with ease.

Communication Tools

Zoom Phone delivers a robust set of integrated communication tools for your business.

At its core, you get crystal clear HD calling—all with the option of paying as you go for light usage or unlimited calling for higher volumes.

Texting comes built-in too. Your entire team will be able to send, receive, and manage messages directly within the platform or mobile app. As such, you can keep conversations organized in one place without constantly switching apps or dealing with data in multiple places.

For real-time collaboration, you get a full team chat solution, complete with one-to-one messages and customizable channels you set up by department, project, or topic.

With it, your team will be able to message coworkers, share files, and keep work moving forward.

On top of that, video conferencing connects your team, potential clients, and customers face-to-face. You can host meetings with up to 100 participants for 40 minutes at a time. During your meetings, anyone can share their screen, annotate together, set virtual backgrounds, and more.

Users can even upgrade a phone call to a video meeting in a few clicks.

What you won’t get are extensive file storage or faxing capabilities. But if you need more advanced features, including larger meetings or built-in file storage, Zoom One’s Business Plus and Enterprise plans fit the bill.

Hardware Options

With Zoom, you can bring your own VoIP or even legacy analog devices. It supports a wide range of brands and models from Cisco to Yealink and everything in between. If you have devices you want to keep using, it’s easy to check Zoom’s compatibility lists to see if they’ll work.

If you want new hardware, you can rent directly from Zoom’s catalog of 20 desk phones from top brands like Poly and Yealink. Its rental program makes it affordable, with prices ranging from just $4 to $40 per month depending on the features you need.

You can also rent other hardware, like expandable modules and conference room devices.

One thing Zoom doesn’t sell is headsets—but you have flexibility. You can use any compatible headset that fits your needs and budget. Zoom opens up your options rather than limiting you to a few select models.

If you have flexible work spaces, Zoom Phone enables hot desking on every plan, too. This allows users to temporarily sign into any of the Zoom desk phones in your office, giving your team freedom in where and when they work.


Unlike other providers that limit integrations on the cheapest plans, one of the best parts about Zoom Phone is that all integrations are included, regardless of which tier you choose.

With over 90 pre-built integrations to pick from, you can connect Zoom Phone to the business tools you already use every day—no upcharge required.

Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Gmail, Zendesk, Zoho, HubSpot, Five9, Twilio, Genesys, Talkdesk, and many more are all on the list.

We definitely appreciate the wide range of integrations available right out of the box. However, we do wish there were more CRM options.

That said, you’ll also get access to Zoom’s APIs so you can build custom configurations with your existing tools if needed. The caveat is that you’ll likely need a developer or technical experience to make it work for you, rather than just taking a few clicks with pre-built integrations.

Customer Support

No matter which Zoom Phone plan you choose, you can rest assured knowing exceptional support is only a call, chat, or click away. Zoom prioritizes providing customers with reliable, easily-accessible help so you never feel stranded when issues arise.

Its phone and live chat support are available 24/7, even on weekends and holidays.

Even if your internet goes down at midnight on a Saturday or you can’t figure out how to set up call forwarding on Thanksgiving morning, friendly and knowledgeable agents are ready to help—you’ll never be stuck waiting until Monday or business hours.

Zoom’s support quality is above average. While you may occasionally wait 10 or 15 minutes during peak times, the agents are competent, patient, and dedicated to fixing your issues quickly.

In addition to chat and phone assistance, Zoom provides numerous self-help resources so you can often resolve problems right away on your own The learning center contains detailed tutorials, how-to videos, articles, and training on all platform features.

The Zoom community forums also enable you to post questions and have them answered by Zoom users and staff. Searching existing threads often reveals solutions to common difficulties other customers have encountered.

Between the knowledge base and forums, you’ll likely find the guidance needed to troubleshoot basic issues yourself.

For larger organizations and highly technical users, Zoom provides premium support options for an added fee. These include priority routing so your calls and chats are answered faster, a dedicated technical account manager, guaranteed response times, and escalated access to senior support engineers.

The premier developer support plan offers the same advantages but with more advanced resources tailored specifically for developers building on the Zoom platform.

These premium plans provide enterprise-grade assistance so your most complex issues are handled efficiently by Zoom’s top-tier technical teams.

Final Thoughts

World-Wide Coverage

  • Great for non-US businesses
  • Unlimited international calling
  • No contract required

With its competitive international calling capabilities and add-ons, flexible pricing, consistent core features, and seamless integration with Zoom’s conferencing platform, Zoom Phone hits all the marks as a top phone solution for global teams.

If you need to bridge communication gaps between international offices, employees, and partners, Zoom’s the way to go.

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